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Woodbury Volunteer

Fire Department

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Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department

PO Box 23 Woodbury, VT 05681

Neighbors helping neighbors since 1961


To the voters of Woodbury,


We are writing to ask for your support in providing funding for our new emergency services - emergency operations center. The total project cost is expected to be 1.3 million dollars to be paid for by a bond with an annual cost of $85,000 for 20 years. This is a continuation of a project that was started in 2014. That proposal was $ 2.2 million dollars with an annual payment of $158,000. The project was withdrawn as it proved to be too expensive, and in the wrong location.  


Since 2014 we have worked collaboratively with the Woodbury Village committee and the Woodbury Fire Department building committee to come up with a Woodbury sized solution. Our objective was to find a solution that would meet our space and operational needs, that was in the village, and at a more reasonable cost. The funding, if provided, would do the following:


  • Construct a new 4000 square foot emergency services facility on property that was donated to the fire department. The location is the blue house across the street from the existing firehouse.

  • Continued use of the existing fire station with needed building maintenance items addressed. The existing facility is 1800 square feet and will be used for parking our trailer, boat, and one of our smaller vehicles.


This proposal checked all of the boxes and created a balance between our needs, the towns emergency facility location needs and the cost.


We understand that this is still an expensive project and a big ask of the Woodbury taxpayers. We commit to working hard to keep the costs down and to continue to raise money to offset the total project cost. Any savings and donations will be applied directly to the project. We are working to raise funds for this important project. We are selling bricks that will be used to create a memorial park at the site. If you would like to purchase a brick, please go to the website at 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the fire department. You may also donate directly to the fire department by mailing your check to our mailing address with a note directing the funds to the building fund. The Woodbury Fire Department is a 501 (c) 4 non-profit corporation so your donations are tax deductible.


We also understand that you may have questions or concerns. Please contact us to set up a small group meeting. Please contact James Dailey at


You can go to our Facebook page for informational updates.


Thank you for your consideration and support of this important project.  


James Dailey - President / Paul Cerutti - Fire Chief


Located in the center of Woodbury Village, the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department has been dedicated to protecting the community since 1961.

We will be there when you need us most. We are neighbors helping neighbors.


Please click on the Facebook buttons to find the most up to date information and everything going on with the department.



A look into behind the scenes of some of our trainings and calls. 


Click on the images to learn a little more about our fleet





K1 Chief-Paul Cerutti 

K2 Asst. Chief-Tim Neill

K3 Captain-Jacob Cerutti

K4 Lieutenant-Jason Lowell

K5 Lieutenant-James Dailey



P10-Dana Huoppi

P11-Roy Demers

P13-Kelsey Silk

P14-Caleb Cerutti

P15-Tayler Dudley

P16-Tristen Joy

P17-Nathan Jobe

P18-Jasmine Cerutti

P19-Brodyn Joy

P20-Arthur Larose

P21-Graydon Neill

Fast Squad

K1-Paul Cerutti-EMT

K2-Tim Neill-EMR

K3-Jacob Cerutti-EMT

K4-Jason Lowell-VEFR

K5-James Dailey-EMT

P14-Caleb Cerutti-EMT

P15-Tayler Dudley-VEFR

P18-Jasmine Cerutti-VEFR

P20-Arthur Larose-VEFR

P31-Arlene Cerutti-EMT

P32-Molly Stanciu-EMT

Active Members

Jayne Nold-Laurendeau

Hannah Morse

Mariah Mitchell

Retta Dunlap

Business Officers


President-James Dailey

Vice President-Philip Nold-Laurendeau

Secretary-Arlene Cerutti

Treasurer-Hannah Morse

Asst. Secretary-Arthur Larose

Asst. Treasurer-Jane Nold-Laurendeau

Standing Committee


Tim Neill

Jacob Cerutti

Kelsey Silk

Life Members


Steve Freihofner

Dana Huoppi

Roy Demers

Andrew Clammer

Graydon Neill

Norman Etkind

Paul Cerutti

Thom Leno

Ken King



This link will bring you to a PDF of the State of Vermont's firework permit.

For burn permits you can call the town Fire Warden Paul Cerutti at (802)-917-1642 or you can call the Asst. Fire Warden Jacob Cerutti at (802)-793-8237.

Below you will find a link to the Town of Woodbury's website. 


3665 VT RT 14

Woodbury, VT 05681

Tel: 802-472-5050

Mailing Address:

PO Box 23

Woodbury, VT 05681

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